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One Year Urology Robotic & Laparoscopic Fellowship


The Robotic & Laparoscopic fellowship at Stepping Hill hospital provides hands on Robotic and laparoscopic urological surgery training both in Uro-oncology and benign conditions. Our department covers 4 different NHS Trusts and has a high-volume case load for robotic and laparoscopic surgery. 


Each year we offer a highly competitive one year training opportunity to a senior fellow, who will gain experience in Robotic and laparoscopic surgery in both upper tract, pelvic oncology and benign Urological conditions. Our theatre is equipped with a da Vinci dual console robot, which provides safe and excellent supervision as well as training opportunities to the trainee in the fellowship programme. The programme has a good track record attracting high quality fellows and we enjoy establishing good relationships with them and seeing them thriving as a consultant after their fellowship.

Current Faculty:

  • Mr. Vincent Tang (Pelvic Oncology-Prostate and Bladder Robotic surgery)

  • Mr. Richard Brough (Pelvic Oncology-Prostate and Bladder Robotic surgery), 

  • Mr. Neil Oakley (Upper tract and Prostate surgery – upper tract Benign and Oncology, Prostate Robotic Surgery)

  • Mr. Steve Bromage (Upper tract surgery- Benign and oncology Robotic Surgery). 





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